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Dr. Goldner's 3-Step Plan

I focus on 3 Steps to get help for you or your child.​

        Step 1. Assessment



The first step in any good treatment approach is to assess the nature and severity of the problems. It is necessary to understand not only the current problems and their history but also to understand the ways in which a client has already tried to resolve them. A proper assessment includes a detailed history, objective and subjective evidence of the presenting problem and information about previous attempts to resolve it. Other valuable information includes school reports and test results, medical reports if warranted and psychological and educational testing if deemed necessary. Clients often report that the assessment process is a pleasant experience. There is an initial, cathartic relief that comes from venting problems and releasing emotion. Doing so can inspire the client to believe that he or she is finally on the path to real and lasting success.




       Step 2. The Plan


I create a customized treatment plan for each client because each client is a unique person with individual strengths, limitations, resources and goals. We begin the plan by deciding what the initial goals for treatment are and how we will know when those goals have been achieved. The plan establishes the goals of therapy, the dates by which these goals would ideally be met and more. A good treatment plan becomes the road map to success. It guides the course of therapy and provides a gauge of goal achievement. One client said to me that just knowing that there was a plan with identifiable, objective goals made him feel confident that his therapy would be a success.




        Step 3. The Treatment


Most but not all therapy occurs during the weekly therapeutic sessions. Therapeutic sessions usually last 45-55 minutes. (Although longer sessions can be scheduled as needed). The time between sessions provides a useful opportunity for the client to implement new strategies, challenge old beliefs and gain insight and positive experience. At the following session, client and therapist can discuss the previous week, process current concerns and prepare for the next week's opportunities. The therapy thus develops its own unique flow and rhythm that renders it more comfortable and effective. Anything that promotes growth and well-being can be considered therapeutic.


Through the treatment process, the client has the chance to develop strengths and resolve old, painful conflicts. Practical and effective skills are developed to improve success (for example, anxiety management, social skills for making and maintaining relationships, and assertiveness skills). Having specific skills to go with a positive philosophy is a powerful 1-2 punch. Treatment is comprised of psychotherapy informed by knowledge taken from recent developments in the fields of psychology, human neuroscience (brain science), behavior and cognition.


Clients have reported that their therapy was one of the best things they had ever spent money on. These individuals reported high satisfaction at knowing that they had invested money in themselves and their future. Clients have reported that they looked forward to their weekly session because the process of getting to their goals was an enjoyable one.

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