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Teletherapy with Dr. Goldner

Teletherapy (Online or Phone only) is provided by scheduled appointment only. Please reach out to Dr. Goldner via phone (248-894-4935) or Email ( for all normal communication or to schedule an intake session to become a client.

Teletherapy is only provided to established clients. This means clients who have already completed the new client intake process. Contact Dr. Goldner as described above to discuss any intake schedule. Under normal circumstances, intake sessions must be completed in person in Dr. Goldner's office.

Teletherapy requires a completed Teletherapy Informed Consent form.

You can find that form here.

Teletherapy cannot be used for emergency medical treatment. If you are experiencing and a medical or psychological emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

If you have completed an intake and the Teletherapy Informed Consent form, then you will be able to begin an online teletherapy session by clicking the link below: 

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