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About Dr. Goldner and his Practice​

Dr. Aaron Goldner
Psychology License #6301013344

A Michigan native, Dr. Goldner is a 2006 graduate of the Michigan School of Professional Psychology doctoral program in clinical psychology (formerly the Center for Humanistic Studies--CHS). In addition to his Psy.D. (Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree), Dr. Goldner also possesses a Master of Arts in Education from University of Detroit Mercy, a Specialist Degree in Clinical Psychology from The Center for Humanistic Studies (currently the Michigan School for Professional Psychology), and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design.


Dr. Goldner has worked with children, adolescents, and adults in many contexts: He has a background and training as a school teacher and has clinical experience, academic and professional training, and life experience working with children from age 5 and up.


During his early college years, Dr. Goldner was a Resident Assistant whose responsibilities included helping younger undergraduates adjust to college and dormitory life. Upon his return to Michigan, he joined the staff of the Roeper School Learning Resource Center where he worked with academically challenged middle and high school children. He found that issues of self-esteem, depression, and anxiety were key ingredients in these children's' difficulties. It was this experience that redirected Dr. Goldner's professional life from art to clinical psychology, focusing on the fears and problems of children, teens, and young adults. He has since brought these lessons to older adults as well.


In addition to his professional qualifications, Dr. Goldner brings to his clients an empathy and personal understanding of what they are experiencing emotionally and academically having, himself, been diagnosed with ADHD at a very early age. It is his mission to help others overcome the hurdles that he has overcome and in the process bring lessons of hope and healing to those who feel like giving up.

"The concept of resilience is one of the core qualities I teach my clients. As Bruce Lee once said, ‘it is okay for a man to get knocked down 8 times as long as he gets up 9’.” -Dr. Goldner, 2008


Click here to see Dr. Goldner's dissertation "The Experience Of Having Developmental Vision Impairment: A Heuristic Investigation." 


Video clips of Dr. Goldner talking about important issues in treatment and therapy.

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