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Bill Pay, Insurance & Fees

Psychotherapy and psychological consultation are investments in you and your family's health and well-being. Getting answers to your billing questions is an important part of that process. To facilitate your research, I have included a list of services I provide, my typical fees, and the insurances I can accept.


(Please note that when insurance is used, the insurance company sets the fee, which may be substantially different from my private pay fees. I do not control the fees set by the insurance companies, which include the amount of your co-pay.)


You can now pay your bills online with a credit card. No need to fill out a paper payment form, find a stamp, or hand address a letter. Faster and more efficient!

Clicking the payment button above will send you to a secure, encrypted payment service that complies with all state and national laws and works night and day to keep your information safe, secure, and private

Dr. Goldner's Biller


Premier Billing Specialist


27182 Dequindre Rd, Warren, MI 48092



Renee and her excellent staff will answer any questions about your bill or balance, go over statements with you, and take over the phone payments. Billing statements are sent out monthly after any insurance benefits have been applied. 

Dr. Goldner's Services and Fees


Intake session 60-90 minutes
(The first session, includes assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning; or initial consultation).

Fee if using Insurance: Set by insurance and client typically has a co-pay fee (typically 10-50%).*

Private Pay Fee: $200**



Regular Therapy session 45-53+ minutes
(therapy or consultation)

Fee if using Insurance: Set by insurance and client typically has a co-pay fee (typically 10-50%). Some insurances limit the total number of regular sessions per year.* 

Private Pay Fee: $150**



Consultation, School Meeting, IEP/Education Meeting

Fee if using Insurance: Insurance does not cover this service; must be paid for privately.

Private Pay Fee: $150 per 60 minutes (prorated), including travel time to and from school/meeting destination.**



Phone/Video Consultation, Email or Letter Writing 

Fee if using Insurance: Email, letter writing, and phone consultations are not typically covered by insurance. Such fees will be charged to the client as a Private Pay Fee.

Private Pay Fee: $150 per 60 minutes (prorated)**

Note: Brief Phone Consultations or emails (10 min or less) are typically complimentary and at no charge, unless they are frequent, at which time regular prorated fees will apply.


*If you have insurance, deductibles and other specifics of your plan may apply. If you have insurance, the insurance provider sets the fee and determines any co-pays owed by you. Always contact your insurance company to determine the specifics of your benefits prior to coming to your first session. 

**My private pay fee may be reduced to accommodate sessions and is done so solely at my discretion. 

Insurances accepted by Dr. Goldner

I am "in network" for each of the companies on the list below. Remember to check with your insurance provider before beginning treatment to confirm that you have "outpatient mental health benefits" or you may find your claims rejected by them when my biller submits them. Paying any claims not covered by your insurance company will become the client's sole responsibility to pay. 

  • BCBS: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (PPO), Blue Choice Preferred, TRUST, BCBS of Michigan (PPO), Blue Choice (POS), Blue Preferred Plus 

  • Cofinity 


  • HAP (Health Alliance Plan of Michigan) 



The phrase Private Pay refers to fees for service paid privately out of pocket by a client. Private pay clients do not use insurance to pay for their sessions. 

The Co-pay is the amount of money an insurer requires you to pay per visit. The insurance payment and the client’s co-payment together pay the total fee for each session.


An Intake Session is what the first therapy session is called. During the intake, you tell me why you have come, complete necessary paperwork, receive a diagnosis and create the goals for your treatment plan. Typical intake sessions last 60-90 minutes.


Regular Session is what every session after the intake is called. Regular sessions are shorter than an intake session, usually 45-60 minutes. Some regular sessions may exceed 60 minutes if necessary.


Family Session  (with or without the client present) is a session where the focus is still on the client but family members are involved in helping support client's treatment. All rules of client privacy and confidentiality are followed.





For more information about Dr. Goldner or his practice, please click on the tabs to the left of this page. If you have a question that is not answered on this website, please feel free to contact Dr. Goldner directly by Email or Phone.

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