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Services for Adults (18 and older)

Are you ready to make important and valuable changes to your life?

If you are reading this then the chances are you have thought about change for a long time and now you are ready to take action. I can help you understand your challenges and patterns, identify important goals and develop the skills to be happier, more assertive and realize more of your potential. Together we can work to help you be more honest, face difficult to see and accept truths,  question old assumptions, replace old defenses with new and better ones, and learn how to control conflict situations and implement better solutions. Creating a happier and more powerful you is the bottom line. 

I work with adults age 18 and over who suffer from learning impairments, emotional and psychological problems and relationship issues. While each person's problems and challenges are unique, there are some experiences that are common to many people. Do you or a loved one experience one or more of the following problems?


  1. Depressed mood

  2. Anxiety (social anxiety, panic attacks, getting tongue tied)

  3. Failed relationships? Keep picking the wrong romantic partners? Lack of dates and romantic opportunities (e.g. too many Friday nights home alone instead of going out with friends or dates)

  4. Feel stressed out or overwhelmed by life

  5. Low self-esteem (e.g. feeling down on yourself, seeing yourself as a "loser.")

  6. Trouble standing up for yourself, telling others what you really think, or saying "no."

  7. Feeling the need to be overly nice in order to get other people to like you or accept you? Perhaps always doing for others without getting back what you need for yourself?

  8. Thinking other people don't like you, look down on you or reject you

  9. Lack of friends

  10. Feel that you have to be perfect or conquer the world in order to be worthy of being loved?

  11. Constantly wonder if you are "good enough" to be loved or kept as a friend?

  12. Struggle with organization, concentration, and follow-through at work and at home.

  13. Perfectionism or feeling you are never "good enough."

  14. Desperately Clinging to people or avoiding intimacy altogether?



Sometimes, issues like these come from a troubling situation. Other times, they seem to come from nowhere in particular. Life may just seem to be this way for as long as can be remembered. In either case, if you see yourself struggling with one or more of the above issues, then you are probably looking for a way to make things better so you can feel better about yourself. 

As a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, I have worked with many clients with these issues. I have seen the power and effectiveness of therapy for my clients. Several clients have told me that the money they spent on therapy was the best thing that they ever did for themselves. Research supports the belief that good psychotherapy can be helpful: "There is convincing evidence that most people who have at least several sessions of psychotherapy are far better off than individuals with emotional difficulties who are untreated. One major study showed that 50 percent of patients noticeably improved after eight sessions, while 75 percent of individuals in therapy improved by the end of six months." 

( 2008). 


I offer the following services to help you achieve your goals: 


  • Developing Emotional Health: Happiness, love, positive self-esteem and finding inner value and worth are perhaps the most common areas clients seek to improve. To do this, clients learn to develop social confidence, build alliances and nurture friendships and relationships with significant others. The building blocks of real, inner confidence are included in a foundation that makes low self-esteem a thing of the past. You can't develop positive self-esteem until you find true, inner worth. Happiness is a naturally occurring phenomenon for a person who effectively sets up their desired life. Put the right building blocks in place and happiness, success and positive self-esteem are inevitable. While your life's circumstances and situations may be out of your direct control, your attitude toward those experiences can be the key difference maker for your overall happiness and emotional well-being and resilience. 

  • Succeeding in Love, Romance, Dating, and Relationships: Finding the right romantic partners and avoiding dead-ends, duds and losers. Getting out of your old relationship and communication patterns so you can stop reliving a negative "groundhog day" experience. Discover the qualities in a partner that you actually need to be happy in the relationship rather than pursuing superficial qualities that always end in misery. Learn to stand up and assert yourself with confidence. Take charge of getting what you want from romance, dating, and relationships. 

  • Wielding Assertiveness, Confidence, Strength, and Power: To feel good about yourself you have to know you can handle conflicts with other human beings. Conflict itself is inevitable, but there are consistently effective methods for taking control and managing it in a win-win fashion. Conflict resolution, negotiation, getting your needs met, setting boundaries and saying "no," are all important areas to develop. And if conflict resolution efforts fail, clients learn to mentally and emotionally defend themselves. Men and women resolve conflict differently between the genders and with their own gender. I can help you learn to manage conflicts within a gender-sensitive construct. Learn to get your needs met and your wants satisfied.

  • Charting your life course: Figuring out who you are and what you want from your life, finding the courage to go after your dreams. Reaching your goals! Questions in this area include your identity, sense of self and pursuit of the life that will bring you the most satisfaction and joy. Making difficult choices to pursue some paths and give up others forever is an existential challenge. Learn how to embrace those tough calls and find your individuality, originality, creativity and personal power to choose. 

  • Therapy can be a positive, enjoyable, satisfying and even fun experience. I work to develop an individual and unique relationship with each client. And through humor, insight, stories, science and other paths, we can help you make therapy one of the most incredible, nurturing and encouraging experiences of your life.  


You are ready to begin

By the time an adult chooses to find a therapist, he or she is tired of the way life is going and wants things to get better. Better usually means relieving negative emotional states like anxiety and depression and succeeding in life, work, and love. But the most important thing is that the individual wants to feel good about him or herself again. 

My goal as a therapist is to be of service to my clients as they make their lives better. I find what I do for a living incredibly gratifying. Few things please me more than helping clients gain new insight, find relief from suffering and start to feel better about themselves. Gaining more success, feeling better about yourself and moving on from past hurts can all be accomplished. When you are ready, you can contact me by phone or email to begin the process. I look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me at (248) 894-4935 or Email me at


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For more information about Dr. Goldner or his practice, please click on the tabs to the left of this page. If you have a question that is not answered on this website, please feel free to contact Dr. Goldner directly by Email or Phone.

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